19 06, 2014

All-Laser Lasik Special with a Lifetime Enhancement Guarantee

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Dr. Stephen Weinstock, Ophthalmologist, is marking the 40th anniversary of his practice this year. In 1974 he opened a small office in Largo which has grown and expanded to become the Eye Institute of West Florida, a leading institution for ophthalmology and research center. With the Best Eye Surgeons that can treat you for various [...]

9 05, 2014

Managing Surgical Complications

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Managing Surgical Complications Here is an article discussing that despite cutting-edge technology used in cataract surgery, the unexpected can still happen. Here’s help. - Christopher Kent, Senior Editor 3/5/2014   Although uncommon, wound burns can still occur, even with today’s advanced phaco technology. If you suspect an occlusion has occured during phaco, stop and clear [...]

20 03, 2014

Jasmine Mohadjer M.D. speaks about Blepharoplasty, Eyelid lift Surgery, as well as Droopy Eyes

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Jasmine Mohadjer M.D. speaks about Blepharoplasty, Eyelid lift Surgery, as well as Droopy Eyes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwmkDroHqLg Joined the Practice: 2008 Undergraduate: The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Medical School: University of Alabama School of Medicine, Birmingham Internship: St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, St. Louis, MO Residency: Saint Louis University, Department of Ophthalmology Fellowship: Ophthalmic Plastic and [...]

13 03, 2014

The Eye Institute of West Florida Offers Advanced Laser Cataract Procedure to Restore Vision for Cataract Surgery Patients

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: David Jeffery Telephone: (727) 488-7122 Email: david.jeffery@eyespecialist.com Femtosecond lasers System provides surgeons the ability to tailor patient’s cataract procedure. Largo, Florida, (Jan 31, 2014)—Dr. Robert Weinstock of The Eye Institute of West Florida in Largo is offering laser cataract surgery, a new technology used to safely remove cataracts and restore vision. [...]

28 02, 2014

Dr. Neel Desai Eye World Education Event San Francisco

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Dr. Neel Desai #drneeldesai will engage his peers at the Eye World Education Event held in San Francisco discussing how new therapeutic strategies using bio-tissue to reduce ocular inflammation without sacrificing healing. Dr Neel Desai along with Dr. Christopher Rapuano will lead up this discussion on April 20th at the Moscone Center South. To read [...]

27 02, 2014

Femtosecond Lasers: The Best Features of Current Platforms

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Robert Weinstock, MD, and Bill Wiley, MD, have a candid conversation about the features they like best of each femtosecond laser platform. Drs. Wiley and Weinstock have had experience with the LenSx Laser (Alcon), VICTUS (Bausch + Lomb), Catalys (AMO), and LENSAR Laser (LENSAR), as well as the corneal incisions with the IntraLase FS Laser [...]

26 02, 2014

Robert Weinstock M.D. discusses ORA WaveFront Aberrometry

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Robert Weinstock M.D. discusses ORA – WaveFront Aberrometry  The Origin of ORA In the beginning there was ORange®. But as WaveTec® saw the demand for more precise and reproducible IOL power calculation increase, they decided they needed to develop something new. Rather than settle for a simple software upgrade, they looked at the data and found [...]

25 02, 2014

Neel Desai M.D. discusses IPL Treatment for Dry EYE

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What Causes Dry Eyes? Tears bathe the eye, washing out dust and debris and keeping the eye moist. They also contain enzymes that neutralize microorganisms that colonize the eye. Tears are essential for good eye health. Tears are complex, containing many different essential elements, including oils produced by special glands in the eyelids called meibomian [...]

25 02, 2014

Refractive Cataract Surgery Robert Weinstock M.D. discusses the difference between Traditional and Refractive Cataract Surgery

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YOU MAY BE A CANDIDATE FOR BLADE-FREE CATARACT SURGERY THAT CORRECTS YOUR ASTIGMATISM AND REDUCES YOUR NEED FOR GLASSES Cataract surgery is a once in a lifetime event with an opportunity to dramatically improve your quality of life. You may be a candidate that will reduce your dependency on glasses. Watch the Video to learn [...]