Robert J. Weinstock, MD and Joseph P. Gira, MD weigh the pros and cons of Intracameral Antibiotics.

CEDARS Debates is a monthly feature in OCULAR SURGERY NEWS, CEDARS – Cornea, External Disease, and Refractive Surgery Society – is a group of cornea, cataract and refractive surgery specialists, here to discuss some of the latest hot topics in ophthalmology.

As the cost of perioperative medications continues to rise, along with the cost of premium IOLs and perhaps laser-assisted cataract surgery, as well as rapidly increasing medical insurance deductibles, there has been a tremendous financial burden placed on patients at the time of cataract surgery. In addition to the financial burden, there is a great concern that patients may not be able to comply with the postoperative drop regimen. The fear of postoperative endophthalmitis remains in the mind of all cataract surgeons. There is still a great debate as the best way to prevent endophthalmitis, as well as make patients’ lives simpler, from financial and compliance standpoints. This month, Robert Weinstock and Joe Gira discuss the ahe advantages and disadvantages of using intracameral antibiotics at the time of surgery vs. postoperative drops. We hope you enjoy this discussion.

Kenneth A. Beckman, MD FACS
OSN Debates Editor

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