Bausch + Lomb Storz says it is the first company to offer a Femtosecond Cataract Instrument Set designed specifically to be used with femtosecond laser platforms. Developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading femtosecond laser surgeons, the unique 13-product set includes: a CapsuleGuard I/A Handpiece; a Slade Laser LRI Dissector; a Hu Capsule Polisher; a Nichamin 27-Gauge Hydrodissection Cannula; a Slade Vertical Nucleus Cracker; a Slade Coaxial Horizontal Chopper; an Utrata Capsule Cap Removal Forceps; a Weinstock Wound Dissector; a Hu Femto Incision Spreader; a Hu Femto Hydrodissection Cannula; a Daya Femto Trans-Lens Hydrodissection Cannula; an Osher Double-Ended Femto Wound Dissector; and a Hu Femto Side-Port Chopper.

The development of the instruments in the suite was inspired by observations made by the surgeons during their femtocataract procedures and pursued through close interaction with the instrument design team at Bausch + Lomb Storz.
The 13 new femtosecond cataract instruments are available in the United States and will soon be introduced in markets outside the US. All instruments with the exception of the CapsuleGuard I/A Handpiece are reusable. They can be ordered individually or as a set. Information on the complete range of Bausch + Lomb Storz instruments is available at, or by calling customer service at 1 (800) 338-2020. If you have an idea for a new surgical instrument, contact the company to learn more about its New Product Development Program.