Do you put patients to sleep before this cataract surgery?
Do you use injections to numb the eye?
What if I have an allergy to certain anesthesia medications?
Will the replacement lens in the eye scratch if I have a dry eye problem?
I use eye drops, will I have to use them after surgery?
Do you operate on both eyes at one time?
Do these replacement lenses last forever or do you have to replace them?
Do implants come in different sizes?
How long does the cataract surgery take?
Is one type of implant more difficult to insert than another?
How will a corneal scar affect the cataract procedure?
What can go wrong?
Who’s at risk?
Why do some people have a laser procedure after cataract surgery?
What kind of maintenance is required after cataract surgery? Will I need to use drops?
What if I have keratoconus? Can I still have cataract surgery?
What is the downside of the Crystalens?
Is Crystalens covered by Medicare?
How many cataract procedures does Dr. Weinstock perform in a normal year? And how many years has he been doing cataract surgery?
Is there an age factor when it comes to how well the muscles work? (required to flex for the Crystalens)