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The Eye Institute of West Florida

The Eye Institute of West Florida has a long standing reputation for employing the finest physicians in ophthalmology. Our doctors are all highly trained specialists delivering clinical excellence in every subspecialty of ophthalmology. As graduates of major medical universities, every physician then completed an additional year or two of post-graduate training, called a fellowship, at some of the most well respected academic medical facilities in the world. By being “experts” in their respective field of study, we offer multiple specialists, much like a university, for any eye problem you may have, all in one institute. In addition to being fellowship-trained, all of our physicians are also board-certified or board-eligible in ophthalmology.


Is this cataract procedure called the “no-knife” procedure?
What kind of maintenance is required after cataract surgery? Will I need to use drops?
How many cataract procedures does Dr. Weinstock perform in a normal year? And how many years has he been doing cataract surgery?
What if I move during the procedure? How do you prevent this?

Our Specialists

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Stephen M. Weinstock

Founder of The Eye Institute of West Florida in 1974, pioneering sub-specialty eye care in Pinellas County.
Cataract and LASIK specialist
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Robert J, Weinstock, M.D.

Board-certified ophthalmologist and is fellowship-trained in cataract and refractive surgery.
Refractive Cataract & LASIK Surgery
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Neel R. Desai, M.D.

A fellowship-trained ophthalmologist strictly specializing in LASIK, cataract and corneal diseases of the eye.
Refractive Cataract, Cornea & LASIK Surgery

Cataract Specialists

Cataract surgery has entered a new era of unprecedented growth in precision technology replacing a generation that was once considered advanced. As newer techniques continue to shorten the recovery time and improve visual results, patients are able to see more clearly, sooner, with less pain and return to their normal activities much quicker.  

At the Eye Institute we embrace technological advances and take pride knowing that our patients will receive the best care possible.  Our physicians are pioneers to many of these newer innovations and train other surgeons around the world in their use.

To date The Eye Institute of West Florida is the only place we know of offering all the latest ophthalmic technologies in one facility. The physicians at The Eye Institute are committed to continue exploring the forefront of innovation and providing proven technologies to the people of Tampa Bay and Florida.